Service Programs

Full Service

  • Worry-free summers with our Full Service Program—no more unexpected repair costs!
  • Keep your PTAC & WSHP running smoothly all year with our comprehensive maintenance and repair plan.
  • Join our Full Service Program today for regular maintenance and all-inclusive repairs under one fixed price!

PTAC Restoration

  • Refresh your units with our PTAC Restoration Program—make them look and feel like new!
  • Enhance resident satisfaction with our comprehensive PTAC restoration services!
  • Give your PTAC units a makeover—pressure washing, new foam strips, and fresh paint included!
Full Service

Domestic Air Conditioning offers a full service program that will cover all of your PTAC & WSHP needs. If you don’t want to stress about costly mechanical repairs in the middle of the summer, this program can help. The program includes preventative maintenance visits, along with full service repairs all fixed under one price.

Air Conditioning Technicians Install New Air Conditioners In Homes
  • Preventative Maintenance Visits: Regular check-ups to ensure your systems are running smoothly.
  • Full Service Repairs: Any necessary repairs are included under one fixed price.
  • Compressor replacement
  • Coil replacement
  • Replacement air conditioners

Before & After


We have found many property & resident managers who find our PTAC restoration program to be very beneficial to their residents. “When we are able to bring units that are clean and look almost like new it gives our residents a much better feeling about the product they are receiving”. This program includes:

-Standard pressure wash

-New foam strip

-Unit chassis painting

-Unit body painting